Club 50th Anniversary

Texas Tornadoes (with Cliff Weston) – 2nd April 2023.

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What a night!  Country music fans and line dancers were in early to take their seats for a night of ‘let your hair down’ pleasure in celebration of the clubs 50th Anniversay. DSCF5865 - Copy


Starting at 7.30pm Pete, Stu and Cliff got the evening off to a great start. Cliff joined the stage at the last minute with his famous steel guitar.  Starting with "Guitars and Cadalics" The dancers were quick to the floor with a Jai De Boogie.

The first set containing a good mixture of standards and popular numbers keeping the audience entertained, including "Until the Neons Gone", "Ribbon of Highway" and "Playboys.  The celebratory helium ballons of black, blue, pink and silver ballons swaying in the air.

The first set whizzed by in a flash before the break where John mentioned special thanks to Kathy Hulkes for finding the new fabulous venue which the members all love.The speakers producing a warm sound as the night went on with songs"Take It", "7 Nights to Rock", "Save it or a Sunny Day" and a fabulous version of "Just to See You Smile" with also a partner dance "The Barn dance"  MK Divided style! 

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Pete's infectious and ebullient character filling the stage,  his bubbly personality and friendly banter between himself  and the audience was delightful and funny as they rattled through floor filler after floor filler.  



After an extra large raffle slices of club birthday cake circulated around the room courtesy of Trish, Sophie and Co. Set three  started and the room was in full motion again as the time flew by with country music at its best.  The dancers and listeners were more than happy with "Hillbilly Shoes" and "Lucky Lips" DSCF5856




Lots of appreciative applause threatened to raise the roof, the entire room on its feet as Pete sang "This Big"  and a rocking encore finished the evening with the dancers not wanting to leave the floor. 


Here’s looking forward to the next fifty years!
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